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OptiBac Bifidobacteria & fibre (30 Sachets)

OptiBac Probiotics 'Bifidobacteria & fibre' is a natural supplement containing carefully selected microorganisms and fibres. Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12® has seen...

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OptiBac For Cholesterol with Omega 3

OptiBac Probiotics For Cholesterol has been especially formulated with alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, a type of omega 3) from chia seeds, and is developed to help you...

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OptiBac For Every Day EXTRA (30 caps)

OptiBac Probiotics For every day EXTRA Strength (30 capsules) This advanced, dairy-free supplement from OptiBac contains 5 extensively researched strains, such as L....

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VitaSil Organic Silicium Liquid 500ml

Organic Silicium it plays a vital role in the creation of connective tissues and it is thought to contribute to the strengthening of the body's defence system.

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