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VitaSil ArticulaSil Gel

Articulosil with msm, glucosamine, chondroitine gel. Ergysil solution - rich in silicon - based on Nettle and trace elements.

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VitaSil ArticulaSil Liquid 500ml

Oral supplement for pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, rheumatim, cartilage and joint issues.

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Vitasil Boutons Gel

Vitasil Boutons Gel with Essential Oils Willow extract heals and dries oily skin spots anywhere on face and body - Helps to fight against skin imperfections and purifies...

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VitaSil Organic Silicium Liquid 500ml

Organic Silicium it plays a vital role in the creation of connective tissues and it is thought to contribute to the strengthening of the body's defence system.

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Vitasil Powersil Gel

Vitasil PowerSil is unique combination of organic form of Silica, essential oils and chondroitin aimed at tendon care, stiff muscles and muscular cramps.

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Vitasil Veinasil Gel

Vitasil Veinasil Gel, made of organic silicon, MSM, glucosamine and essential oils, instantly soothes aching zones and generates the rebuilding process of vein walls....

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    About Vitasil

    In its natural state, silicium is essentially present in its mineral forms (granite, sand, quartz, etc.) which are not easily assimilated by the body. Dexsil Labs has developed a specific, patented procedure so that it can be assimilated perfectly:bio-activation. 

    The role of Silicium is key:

    • It plays a part in the creation of cartilage and other connective tissue (collagen, elastin, fibrillin, hyaluronic acid, GAG, etc.);
    • It is involved in bone growth (a powerful remineralising agent);
    • It is thought to contribute to the strengthening of the body's defense system.

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